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GY240 Lent term reading and lecture notes. These notes contain 47 pages.

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GY240 Lent term reading and lecture notes. These notes contain 47 pages.

This course aims to prepare second year students, who already have some grounding in social science methodology, to undertake individual research projects. It examines the methodologies used in Geographical research and evaluates their application to different kinds of research problems. It considers the choice of methodology which may be used in the student’s own Independent Research Project (IRP) and how to plan research. It enables students to acquire familiarity with, and practice of, contemporary research techniques and to examine different ways of, and gain experience in, presenting research results. A further aim of the course is to enable students to evaluate critically the methodological validity of geographical literature.

The course covers a variety of different approaches to social science methodology including: (i) analysis of quantitative data using linear regression including hypothesis testing, (ii) analysis of quantitative spatial data using geographic information systems (GIS) software, (iii) techniques for qualitative data analysis including structured and unstructured interviewing, participant observation, and research ethics, including research ethics when conducting fieldwork (vi) application of qualitative research techniques in the field; and (v) techniques for designing, carrying out and presenting an Independent Research Project.

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