GY100 Theme Notes can be purchased separately in three unique, distinct packs or together for £12.

Pack 1: £4 | 3 Documents

This section includes the following three key themes in the course: ‘The Anthropocene, Ecocide and Urban Sustainability’.

The notes build on the key ideas from lectures, and also incorporate discourse from the readings, including key scholars and dates which is essential for achieving a top grade in GY100.

Pack 2: £4 | 3 Documents

These themes are taken from the ‘Economy’ section of the course, and includes: Multinational Enterprises, Technological change and EGT, and also the Changing Economic Geography of the Globalised World.

The notes build on the lectures notes, as well as incorporating key discourse from the literature, including concepts as well as scholars names and dates. The notes are especially intended for visual learners, including graphs, images, and an easy to follow format.

Pack 3: £6 | 5 Documents

This pack includes 5 of the key themes from the ‘Concepts in Human Geography’ section of the course: Space, Place, Landscape, Nature and Society.

The notes includes the key ideas from the lectures, as well as key discourses from the scholarship (including scholars and dates). The documents are very easy to follow, including graphs, images and is broken down into sections that are especially intended for visual learners.