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Over 60 pages of notes for GV245, which achieved a First class grade in the 2018 exam session. They contain nuances, arguments, and case studies; and readings from beyond the course content to set you apart from your peers.

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These revision notes contain all that you need to achieve a First class grade on GV245 (Democracy and Democratisation).

As a 100% exam-based course, so long as you know the content and prepare nuanced arguments, you should be able to do very well.

This pack, of over 60 pages (at 11pt), contains high-quality, synthesised notes for all conceptual weeks of the course (1-5), and the following case study weeks:

  • Third Wave: Southern Europe
    • A Southern European Model?
    • Spain
    • Populism in Southern Europe
  • Middle East and North Africa
    • MENA
    • Tunisia and Egypt
  • Latin America
    • Transitions in Latin America
    • Neoliberalism and Democracy in Latin America
    • Latin America in the 21st Century

The inclusion of Latin America will set you apart from the pack: very few students choose to answer a question from these three weeks, and as such any attempt to do so is treated favourably by examiners.

You will also differentiate yourself from your peers by gleaning nuances and suggested answer structures from these notes. They include case studies, examples, and readings from beyond the course, giving you a real edge.

Unlike many other notes, these aren’t simply structured as such: Lecture, Readings, Class. Instead, the notes were written during the revision period (2018), synthesising the lecture notes, readings, and seminar ideas into one document. This way, for most weeks you needn’t pull together the content yourself; and there is very little repetition.

The notes also include a page of advice for the exam itself, including strategy.

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